World Trail's Preliminary Mountain Bike Network Designs

04 August 2020

We’re excited to share a sneak-peek at what George Town’s mountain bike networks may look like! World Trail have been working hard to create a design that compliments the area, landscape and offers a point-of-attraction for visitors and tourists. Whilst these designs are still in draft, they represent the designs being used to progress the project to the planning and approvals stages.

The Mt George Network (MGN): MAP

The MGN has been made up of 8 trails totalling approximately 22.3kms, it will offer riders both accessibility and versatility, or in other words a lot of bang-for-your-buck. World Trail have cleverly designed a network that offers lots of options so users can tailor their ride to their skill-level, experience, and enthusiasm! The network includes 5 dedicated descending trails and 3 ascending trails, including a shared use ascending trail (for the walkers & runners to enjoy) from the trail head at the old quarry to the lookout on top. The MGN will be connected to town by a shared-use trail, but we haven’t included that on the map as it is still a work in progress.

The construction of the MGN still on target to start later this year in October and will be the first to be completed.

Tippogoree Hills Network (THN): MAP

The Tippogoree Hills can get pretty rugged up top, but when combined with the gentler gradients of the lower slopes provide terrain that has something for everyone. The preliminary design has a total of 17 trails over 57.6kms. All trails will be accessible from the trail head at Lauriston Park, with the closest trails being perfect for families and beginners. The deeper into the THN the trails go, the more adventurous they become. To get to the top, riders can tackle the 8.3km climbing trail, or alternatively catch a bus up the proposed shuttle road. Either way, from the top, riders can experience up to 9kms of continuous descent from one of the three primary gravity trails to get back to the trail head at Lauriston Park. But if that isn’t enough, the trail layout offers multiple opportunities to transition back to the climbing trail and shuttle road to do it all again. Construction on this network will commence early next year and be completed around September 2021.