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George Town has a distinct history, from early colonial settlement to industrial manufacturing, and like many Council’s around Tasmania, George Town Council is looking to boost and diversify its economic and tourism opportunities with the development of the George Town Mountain Bike Trails.

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Initially it was the George Town Chamber of Commerce who recognized the impact mountain biking destinations were having on boosting local visitor economies. George Town Council in collaboration with Bell Bay Aluminium, contracted Dirt Art to conduct a feasibility study and prepared a draft design to support a bid for federal funding of the project.

A successful campaign secured $4.4m in 2019 from the Australian Government, as part of their Community Development Grants Programme, designed to support needed infrastructure and promote stable, secure and viable local and regional economies. The George Town Mountain Bike Trails is about diversifying the existing tourism portfolio, boosting local business economy, and improving economic, recreational and social opportunities for the George Town municipality.

Council wanted the municipality to be placed firmly on the map as a family-friendly tourist destination, that offers a range of activities for the whole family which will include mountain biking. This project aims to compliment and complete the mountain biking narrative in North East Tasmania.

The new design proposal by World Trail showcases purpose built mountain bike trails over two separate networks - one on the flanks of Mt George near the town centre and the second in the Tippogoree Hills, five-kilometres south of the township. The design philosophy is to create heavily featured trails that cater to a diverse range of skill levels and skills progression, and most of all – fun! Council focused on making both networks shuttle friendly so you can focus on the fun stuff with minimal effort.

We can’t wait to share them with you!